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. à la mode (a) =

the cat-fish, at one time the à la mode pet for French aquarium lovers


. après-ski / après ski / apres ski (n) =

Kitzbühel is a paradise for skiers and non-skiers alike offering 158 kms of marked pistes, excellent après ski and an exclusive shopping area.


. bon mot (n) =

Each bon mot which falls from her lips is analysed and filed away for posterity.


. brochure (n) =

Phone now for a brochure and further details.


. clientèle / clientele (n) =

This pub has a cosmopolitan clientèle.


. communiqué / communique (n) =

The Chinese foreign minister and his Niger counterpart signed a joint communique recognizing Beijing as the sole legal government of China.


. debut (v) =

Murdoch's round-the-clock operation, Fox News, does not debut until next month.


. debut (mod.) =

the debut album by rough and rowdy Belfast group Them.


. déja-vu / dejà-vu / dejà vu (n) =

Either this is déjà-vu or it's already happened.


. en route (loc. prép.) = 

He disappeared en route to Chester.


. etiquette (n) =

At the pub, you will not be excused if you violate etiquette and try to order out of turn.


. fiancé / fiance (masc.), fiancée / fiancee (fém.) (n) =

Mark White died in the arms of his fiancee Ruby Corwelijn.


. fête/fete (v) =

Charlton is still feted as a national hero in the Irish Republic after taking its football team to the World Cup finals in 1994.


. gaffe (n) = 

Di has committed several PR gaffes this year.


. grande dame (n) =

Marion von Dönhoff is the grande dame of highbrow journalism.


. haute cuisine (n) =

He aims to change the face of quality eating and bring haute cuisine to the middle classes at affordable prices.


. hotelier (n) =

As a hotelier I appreciate the importance of the annual holiday.


. impromptu (a) =

Such a trip as this is made all the more enjoyable by impromptu changes and diversions.


. impasse (n) =

Perhaps their services can help resolve the impasse.


. jeunesse dorée (n) =

An investigation was started over the allegation that the local jeunesse dorée had been involved in a drugs, drink and sex orgy.


. joie de vivre (n) =

There is today a remarkable joie de vivre about London.


. louche (a) =

She liked to alternate her smart parties with much more louche affairs at which drugs circulated as frequently as the cocktails.


. maître d' (n) = 

The eponymous owner of Christoph's is an agreeable maître d' and a knowledgeable consultant on the wines.


. marque (n) =

Like Lotus, another famous British marque, Aston Martin's ambitions often exceeded its means.


. née (loc.) =

Mrs Anne Mary Morris (née Field)


. oeuvre (n) =

The Manchester Band Oasis might be the heirs of the Beatles - if the Beatles' oeuvre had been exclusively composed and performed by Mr. Ringo Starr.


. petite blonde (n) =

I was confronted by a petite blonde in a snappy uniform and a manner to match.


. pied-à-terre (n) =

I talked to him in his well-furnished pied-à-terre in Victoria.


. questionnaire (n) =

There is a financial questionaire that parents fill in.


. raconteur (n) =

 In any gathering he was always a popular and an amusing raconteur.


. roman à clef (n) =

This roman à clef sets out to recount the struggle between the media moguls Robert Maxwell and Rupert Murdoch.


. sachet (n) =  

He'd have sugar only in sachets.


. sans (prép.) =

The picture he took of Julia Roberts - sans new boyfriend - will run in the American tabloid The Star.


. trompe l'oeil (mod.) =

I've used tricks like trompe l'oeil curtains to permanently disguise the ugly windows behind.


. tour-de-force / tour de force (n) =

The focus of the room was the magnificent chimney piece, a tour de force in moulded and faceted glass.


. venue (n) =

The architecture Centre, Bristol, is a lively venue.


. vis-à-vis / vis-a-vis (loc. prép.) =

On 7 August the franc firmed vis-a-vis the deutschmark.


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From the list below, select the proper English equivalents to match the Frenglish words above :


accepted behaviour - after-ski pastimes - blunder - body of work - born with the name - to celebrate - customers - deadlock - disreputable - exuberance - fashionable - feeling of having experienced something before - boy/girl to whom one is engaged - high-class cooking - hotel manager - impressive achievement - improvised - information booklet - initial - in relation to - make - manager of a hotel dining-room - meeting-place - novel in which actual people appear under fictitious names - official statement - on the way - painted to give the illusion of reality - small fair-haired girl - small sealed packet - series of questions - small town house used for short periods - to start - teller of anecdotes - without - woman of eminence - witty remark - young people of wealth and fashion


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