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First Wal-Mart. Now Microsoft. There is, it seems, no global giant that Tesco is not prepared to take on.

While a new division of the UK’s biggest grocer is currently working on a £250m plan to open 150 supermarkets in the mighty Wal-Mart’s US backyard, the supermarket chain is also about to launch a range of own-brand software that will compete head on with the company whose products are loaded into 95% of the world’s computers.

Tesco is aiming to substantially undercut Microsoft, offering software titles for less than £20. It claims to be the first retailer to offer a range of own-label software, taking the same approach to the world of technology as grocers have traditionally taken to baked beans and soap powder. The initial range includes an office suite, two security/anti-virus products, a personal finance tool, CD/DVD burners, and a photo editing product. Microsoft Office sells for up to £300.

3  The Tesco software will be available in more than 100 Tesco stores from this month, with plans to roll out the range across the UK over the coming year. It will complement Tesco’s entry into the computer hardware market earlier this year.

Tesco is also offering a full support package via a special website,, where the products will also be sold. Tesco buyer Daniel Cook said the new range of software “is bringing choise and value to a market which has offered little of either for too long” . […]

The software has been developed by a compagny called Formjet, based in Cambridge. Formjet’s products, largely centred around a system called Ability Office, are regarded as good attempts to clone Microsoft’s dominant suite of Office programs, and are compatible with the Seattle-based giant’s systems.

But while Tesco is hoping to appeal to general customers, most home users will already have the equivalent Microsoft products installed on their computers.

However, it is internet security where the supermarket chain may feel it is able to make the strongest challenge to existing players. With greater public awareness about viruses, hacking and internet crime, computer security is becoming an increasingly valuable industry, worth up to £8bn worldwide this year, according to research.

Microsoft, which recently launched its own OneCare Live product, will be one of several challenged by the announcement, but other vendors – including Symantec, Karpersky Lab and McAfee – will also be in Tesco’s sights.

The arrival of supermarket brands into software is the latest mark in a rising tide of companies attempting to challenge Microsoft’s dominance. While alternatives to Microsoft’s programs and services have been available throughout its decade-long grip on the PC world, it is only in recent years that viable challengers have emerged. The Firefox web browser is now used by around 12% of people around the world, while search giant Google appears to be building its own suite of free-to-use products. Microsoft has spent years battling regulators in Washington and Brussels.

10  The Software giant has also been slow to recognise new trends. It came late into the video games market, where its Xbox still trails the Sony PlayStation. It lost out to Google in the lucrative online search market and is playing catch-up to Apple’s iPod in digital music.

Julia Finch, David Teather and Bobbie Johnson The Guardian Monday, October 2, 2006

Note: Tesco is a big chain of British supermarkets.


1re PARTIE – RÉSUMÉ (12 points)

Résumer le texte en français et indiquer le nombre de mots (200 mots (+/-10%).


Répondre en anglais aux deux questions suivantes et indiquer le nombre de mots :

1. Write a dialogue between two friends. One is for using Tesco's software and one is against. (130 mots +/- 10%) (5 points)

2. Do you think the Web has revolutionised the way we work? (70 mots +/- 10%) (3 points)

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