The following 57 sentences are taken from this writer's handbook L'anglais de la technologie et de l'industrie, published by Ellipses, Paris, in 1999.


Les 57 phrases suivantes sont tirées de notre manuel L'anglais de la technologie et de l'industrie, paru aux éditions Ellipses (Paris) en 1999.



1 - The selection of bearings for difficult operating conditions is summarized in section 3.3 on page 35.

to summarise : résumer - operating conditions : conditions d'exploitation - section : rubrique


2 - When the load on the bearings is heavy it is advisable once a year to clean them thoroughly and examine their rings, cages, and rolling bodies.

advisable : conseillé - thoroughly : à fond


3 - It is not desirable to lubricate these bearings when they are being fitted as they are factory charged with the correct amount of grease.

desirable : souhaitable - as : étant donné que - factory charged with grease : graissé en usine


4 - In dismantling and mounting the bearing it is essential to apply force to the appropriate ring.


5 - Dismantling a bearing always involves certain risks: the bearing could suffer damage and dirt might enter it.

to involve : impliquer, comporter - to suffer damage : s'abîmer - dirt : saletés (pl.)


6 - Striking the spindle, even a light blow, will certainly damage the bearings.

spindle : broche - even : même, ne serait-ce que


7 - Do not exceed 120°C when heating a bearing or its hardness will be affected.

to exceed : dépasser - hardness : dureté


8 - Consult RHP Sales Engineering, giving full details of the application to help bearing.

to consult : s'adresser à


9 - After washing, grease the bearings to protect them against corrosion.


10 - The replacement time for a bearing is in the region of 4 to 10 hours, depending on its location in the machine.

replacement : remplacement - depending on : selon, en fonction de - location : emplacement, position


11 - These precision bearings do not require any maintenance owing to their lifetime grease lubrication.

owing to : en raison de, du fait de


12 - Never remove a bearing from its wrapping until it is to be mounted.

until : tant que ... ne pas


13 - Even if a bearing is perfectly made and assembled, it will eventually fail due to fatigue of the bearing material.

eventually : finalement - to fail : tomber en panne - due to : par suite de


14 - The amount of oil required to lubricate a bearing is very small provided it is applied where it is needed.

provided : pourvu que, à condition que


15 - Rolling-element bearings operate with a rolling action whereas plain bearings operate with a sliding action.

to operate : travailler - whereas : tandis que - sliding : glissement


16 - The more you know about a fault in a rolling-element bearing, the greater the confidence with which you can predict breakdown.

confidence : assurance


17 - The sound emitted by the bearing can be observed by placing one end of a wooden stick against the ear and its other end against the bearing’s housing.

wooden stick : baguette de bois - housing : logement


18 - Currently there is specialised plant available which is capable of producing special bearings up to 60 in. (1,524 mm) outside diameter.

currently : actuellement - specialised plant : machines spécialisées (pl.) - available : disponible - 60 in. diameter = 60-inch diameter : diamètre de 60 pouces


19 - In replacement situations, it is the user's responsibility to ensure that the correct bearing is properly installed.

to ensure that... : veiller à ce que... - properly : correctement, convenablement


20 - The above table is valid for bearings where the losses due to faulty mounting are negligible.

table : tableau - losses : pertes


21 - Never dismantle a bearing unless it is necessary.

unless : sauf si


22 - Oil the bearings with light oil once in a while.

once in a while : de temps en temps


23 - The operating performance of rolling bearings is signalled by changes in temperature and vibration.


24 - Tapered roller bearings can take much greater stresses and loads than ball bearings.

to take : ici, supporter, encaisser - stresses : efforts


25 - A satisfactory result of the overhaul of the bearing cannot be obtained unless the utmost cleanliness is exercised.

utmost : extrême - cleanliness : propreté


26 - Used bearings which have been removed from the machines must be washed in clean kerosen.

to remove : retirer


27- Mounting a Bearing (section heading / titre de rubrique)


28 - Detecting Faulty Bearings (section heading / titre de rubrique)


29 - Diagnosing Bearing Faults (section heading / titre de rubrique)

fault : défaut


30 - Grease the bearings after washing them.


31- These bearings are designed to be mounted onto a cylindrical shaft by using an adapter sleeve.

shaft : arbre - adapter sleeve : manchon d'adaptation


32 - The condition of the bearings can be ascertained during operation by checking their temperature and observing the lubricant's colour.

condition : état - to ascertain : déterminer - lubricant : lubrifiant


33 - The space in the housing each side of the bearings should be 50/60% filled, leaving enough space for the surplus grease that will be expelled from the bearing during initial rotation.

filled : rempli - to expel : expulsé

34 - A blow on the spindle from any direction (axially or radially) will nick the ball tracks of the races, resulting in the rapid deterioration of the bearings.

spindle : broche - to nick : entailler - ball tracks of the races : voies de roulement des billes


35 - Irregular and noisy running sounds are mostly due to damage done to the bearing during mounting.

noisy : bruyant - mostly : principalement


36 - When the bearing has failed prematurely, or there have been repeated early failures, then a full diagnosis of the bearing is recommended.

then : alors


37 - Wherever there is a requirement for high rotational accuracy and/or exceptional speeds, it is usual to use standard bearing types made to higher than normal limits of accuracy.

wherever : dans tous les cas où


38 - RHP rolling bearings, their standard lubricants and preservatives present no direct hazard as supplied, provided proper proceedings are adopted to avoid mishandling.

preservative : agent de conservation - to avoid : éviter

standard lubricants and preservatives : standard porte à la fois sur lubricants et preservatives


39 - The conditions of storage are important in that they may determine whether or not a bearing is fit for service when it is needed.

storage : remisage, conservation - in that... : en ce sens que..., dans la mesure où... - whether : si (oui ou non)


40 - As only a short heating is needed for mounting purposes, the bearing can safely be heated to a maximum temperature of 120°C.

for ... purposes : aux fins de... - safely : sans danger


41 - If a newly installed bearing shows abnormal running, then see Section 'Problems with newly installed bearings', page 115.


42 - Send to RHP Technical Service Department the bearing as removed from the machine.

technical service department : service d'après-vente


43 - Newly installed bearings may exhibit some of the symptoms indicated in table 6-6 if wrongly fitted.

to exhibit : présenter- wrongly : mal


44 - No bearing, plain or anti-friction, rotary or linear, can operate satisfactorily if contaminated with dust, dirt, grit, or any foreign matter.

grit : du sable - foreign matter : substance étrangère


45 - Mount the accelerometer on bearing housings when measuring vibrations on rotating machinery.

bearing housing : boîtier de roulement - rotating machinery : machines tournantes (pl.)


46 - The vibration-monitoring system can catch a bearing fault at an early stage.

to catch : détecter


47 - Select a suitable bearing type from the table in page 32.

suitable : approprié, qui convient


48 - Once the mounting is completed, test-run the bearings.

once : une fois que... -  to complete : achever


49 - Rolling-element bearings fail because of manufacturing errors, improper assembly, loading, operation, or lubrication.

manufacturing : fabrication

improper assembly, loading, operation, or lubrication : improper porte sur les quatre substantifs qui suivent


50 - The auxiliary bearings are intended to support the rotor in case of a failure of the magnetic suspension system.

to be intended to + inf. : être destiné à + inf. - to support : soutenir


51 - The bearings allow the robot heads to move almost frictionlessly across the work surface.

frictionlessly : sans frottement - across : d'un bout à l'autre de


52 - Thomson Nyliner bearings dampen noise and vibration for quieter machine operation.

to dampen : amortir - noise : bruit


53 - Bearings that are multi-wrapped have a 12-month shelf life unopened.

unopened : sans être ouvert


54 - PHP uses the suffix HP to denote a high-precision bearing. Other manufacturers use different suffixes

such as P, ABEC, MM and others.

to denote : indiquer - manufacturer : fabricant


55 - The bearings should be installed as described in section 6.1.


56 - Thomson Super Ball Bushing bearings provide 27 times the travel life of conventional bearings.


57 -  The defective bearings were all detected by the vibration-monitoring programme some 8 to 10 months before the actual repair date.

defective : défectueux, déficient - some (adv.) : quelque (invariable) - actual : véritable




Try to match the following French collocations with their English counterparts in the 57 sentences above.

Chercher dans les 57 phrases ci-dessus l'équivalent anglais des collocations françaises suivantes.

English / anglais

sentence number / numéro de phrase

French / français

    roulement de précision
    palier lisse
    roulement spécial
    roulement anti-frottement
    roulement linéaire
    roulement rotatif



palier auxiliaire

    roulement sous emballage multiple
    roulement de grande précision
    roulement classique





Try to match the following French past participles with their English counterparts in the 57 sentences above.

Chercher dans les 57 phrases ci-dessus l'équivalent anglais des participes passés français suivants.

English / anglais sentence number / numéro de phrase French / français
A bearing can be   Un roulement peut être


























fourni (2 possibilités)


















mis à l'essai



monté (2  possibilités)













Try to match the French nouns with their English counterparts in the 57 sentences above.

Chercher dans les 57 phrases ci-dessus l'équivalent anglais des mots français suivants.

English / anglais sentence number / numéro de phrase French / français
...........................  (of bearings)   assemblage (des roulements)
    durée de vie en mouvement
    durée de vie sur étagère



fonctionnement  (2  possibilités)

    graissage à vie
    mauvaise manipulation


    roulement (l'action)





Try to match the following French collocations with their English counterparts in the 57 sentences above.

Chercher dans les 57 phrases ci-dessus l'équivalent anglais des collocations françaises suivantes.

English / anglais sentence / phrase French / français



lourde charge

    quantité exacte
    léger coup
    renseignements détaillés
    petite quantité
    montage défectueux
    pertes négligeables
    détérioration rapide
    bruits irréguliers

pannes à répétition

    panne infantile

diagnostic complet

    précision de rotation
    limites normales
    type usuel
    danger immédiat
    démarche adéquate
    courte mise en chauffe
    fonctionnement anormal
    stade précoce
    type approprié
    montage inadéquat
    fonctionnement moins bruyant
    roulement défectueux




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