a = "ay"

o = "oh"  

b = "bee"  

p = "pee"  

c = "cee"  

q = "cue"  
d = "dee"  r = "are"  
e = "ee"  s = "ess"  
f = "eff"  t = "tee"  
g = "gee"  u = "you"  
h = "aitch"  v = "vee"  
i = "eye"  w = "double you"
j = "jay"  x = "ex"
k = "kay"  y = "wye"
l = "ell"  z = "zed" (brit.) / "zee" (amér.)
m = "emm"  grand A / A majuscule = capital a / uppercase a
n = "enn"  

petit a / a minuscule = small a / lowercase a  



Lire à haute voix les phrases suivantes.

1/ Choice of reducer type

Refer to synoptical table page A2 and to reducer descriptive pages (page A4 to A11).

2/ The key words behind our success are research, innovation and A to Z cooperation with customers.

3/ Watches are ranked A through C according to the water-resistance chart below.

4/ Is that an "e" or a "c" or an "o"?

5/ The ionosphere layers that reflect radio waves are known as the C layer, D layer, E layer, F layer.

6/ OK as is.

7/ The context-analysis software package knows that there is always a u after q and that i often comes before e except after c.

8/ The lowercase b, h, k, f, l, and t all share long vertical strokes on the left side.

9/ Rotring finograph

Fibre-tip pen with waterproof, lightfast ink. Metal sleeve and clip. Three tip sizes: extra fine (e f), fine (f), medium (m).

10/ FM/MW/LW selector switches

FM: Press this switch to receive FM broadcasts

MW: Press this switch to receive MW broadcasts

LW: Press this switch to receive LW broadcasts

11/ Insert as indicated two alkaline batteries, type R6, UM3 or AA.

12/ QWERTY keyboards are offset so that the Q and a bit of the W sit above the A.

13/ PGIHPF is a High Performance Fortran (HPF) compiler for shared-  and distributed-memory systems.

14/ PHP uses the suffix HP to denote a high-precision bearing. Other manufacturers use different suffixes such as P, ABEC, MM and others.

15/ The difference in Cx between the Citroën BX/BX14 (Cx = 0.335) and the BX16/BX19 (Cx = 0.341) is due essentially to a cooling system drag variation.

16/ The PRO-ELECTRON code uses letters and numbers. The first letter is a material code, with A = germanium, B = silicon. The second letter denotes the device type, such as C for audio voltage amplifier, F for RF amplifier. A last letter of X, Y or Z is used to denote an industrial device. The number that follows is the maker's development number.


Vocabulaire : reducer : réducteur - to refer to : se reporter à - table : tableau - chart : diagramme - below : ci-dessous - layer : couche - radio wave : onde radio - OK as is : Bon à tirer (en imprimerie) - context analysis software package : progiciel d'analyse contextuelle - lowercase : minuscule - to share : avoir en commun - stroke : hampe - tip : pointe - lightfast : résistant à la lumière - sleeve : capuchon - clip : agrafe - tip size : largeur de trait - medium (adj.) : moyen, moyenne - FM (frequency modulation) : FM (fréquence modulée) - MW (Medium Waves) : PO (petites ondes) - LW (Long Waves) : GO (grandes ondes) - selector switch : sélecteur (de bande) - broadcast : émission - battery : pile - QWERTY keyboard : (désigne un) clavier anglo-saxon - offset : décalé - compiler : compilateur - shared- and distributed-memory systems : réseaux à mémoire partagée et à mémoire répartie - to denote : indiquer - bearing : roulement (à billes, etc.) - manufacturer : fabricant - cooling system drag variation : influence de la traînée de refroidissement - PRO-ELECTRON code : code PRO-ELECTRON pour transistors et autres semi-conducteurs - le signe = se lit equals - silicon : silicium - to denote : indiquer - device : composant - voltage amplifier : amplificateur de tension - RF = radio-frequency : fréquence radio - maker : fabricant - development number : numéro de fabrication

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