More On The Fatal Japan Nuclear Reactor Accident

From Scott D. Portzline -

A 50cm (20 inch) return pipe, last inspected in 1996 (not inspected since construction in 1976 according to some reports) suddenly burst, scalding workers in the Mihama Unit 3 turbine hall. Four workers were killed; seven were hospitalized. One remains in serious condition.
Company spokesmen said that the failed pipe was scheduled for inspection in November. A quality control manager said that it was due for ultra-sonic inspection on August 14th.
When new, the pipe walls measured 10 millimeters in thickness (.4 inches). At the time the pipe burst, it measured just 1.4 millimeters (.056 inches, thinner than a penny, almost as thin as a dime). High-pressure water or wet steam erodes the interior of power plant piping, and pipes must be inspected for wear periodically (through the industry, the phenomenon is termed "erosion-corrosion"). A deputy plant manager said that they "had never expected such rapid corrosion."
4  A similar fatal incident took place in the United States in 1986 when a return line burst at the Surry Nuclear Power Station in Virginia. Both Surry and Mihama are pressure water reactors. Mihama started commercial operation on December 1, 1976 and has a licensed output of 826 megawatts (electric).
The inescapable lesson of the Mihama experience is that the industry does not understand as much about erosion-corrosion and the possibility of accelerated wear rates as it thought; therefore surveillance and wear calculations must be made many times more conservative than what they are today.


I - Quels sont les mots du texte synonymes de / Which words in the text are synonymous with

- to examine =
- to explode =
- to stay =
- to be programmed for inspection =
- the inside of piping =
- at regular intervals =
- to be called =
- plant director =
- deadly incident =
- to happen =
- authorised =
- that is why =

II - Traduire en français / Translate into French

- the turbine hall =
- the pipe walls =
- thickness =
- thin =
- the inescapable lesson =

III - Trouver dans le texte l'équivalent en anglais de / Find out in the text the English equivalents for

- un tuyau de retour =
- dans un état grave =
- eau sous haute pression =
- taux d’usure accéléré =
- calculs prudents =

IV - Vrai ou faux ? Justifier sa réponse à l'aide d'une citation / True or false? Justify your answer with a quotation

- No worker was killed in the Mihama accident

- The failed pipe had just been inspected

- A similar accident had never happened before

- The nuclear industry is aware of the problem of pipe erosion-corrosion

V - L’ordre de traduction dans les mots surcomposés / Translating in the right order

- dans Nuclear Reactor Accident, nuclear se rapporte-t-il à reactor ou à accident ?

- dans quality control manager, quality se rapporte-t-il à control ou à manager ?

- dans power plant piping, power se rapporte-t-il à plant ou à piping ?

- dans pressure water reactor, pressure se rapporte-t-il à water ou à reactor ?

VI - Écrire les indications chiffrées en toutes lettres en anglais / Write out the figures at length

- a 50 cm (20 inch) return pipe =
- on August 14th =
- the pipe walls measured 10 millimeters in thickness (.4 inches) =
- it measured just 1.4 millimeters (.056 inches) =
- 1976 - 1986 - 1996 =
- 826 megawatts =  

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