SETTING UP YOUR COMPUTER - Corrigé des questions

1 - Which syllable should be stressed: computercomputercomputer ?

The middle syllable: computer

2 - What's wrong with the phrase "dial-down modem"? (Replace the incorrect word).

It should be dial-up modem.

3 - What is the original meaning of "drive" in "hard disk drive"? (The French translation as "lecteur" is no indication).

The original meaning is "moteur électrique".

4 - Why is "graphics" spelt with an "s" in graphics card?

Because the word means "graphical images" (graphics card = card for graphics).

5 - What difference is there between "connexion" and "connection"? /

The spelling is different (connection and connexion).

6 - What do the initials "PR" stand for in English? /

They stand for "Personal Computer".

7 - If "cordless" is used in connection with a mouse, with what device is "wireless" used?

"Wirelesss" is used with battery-powered portable computers.

8 - What's the English for "repéré par la couleur"?

It's "colour-coded".

9 - Is there another word than "a peripheral" to translate "un périphérique" en anglais?

The word is "a device".

10 - What word was invented by French Canadians to translate "webcam"?

The word is "camirette".

11 - In what domain was the word "joystick" used before the advent of computer games?

It was used in aircraft.

12 - Which is the right expression: "to dial up the Internet" - "to dial up to the Internet" - "to dial up Internet"? (Circle the right answer).

The right expression is "to dial up to the Internet".

13 - What'ts the French word for "scanner"?

It's "numériseur".

14 - What's the English for "faire passer un câble"?

It's "to run a cable".

15 - What does "FireWire" literally mean in French? "câble en feu" - "câble de feu" - "le feu au câble" - "feu le câble" - "au feu le câble" ?

It means "câble de feu".

16 - Besides "connecteur" and the Franglais word "port", is there another French translation for "port"?

That word is "prise".

17 - What's the English for "graver un CD"?

It's "to burn a CD"

18 - What does "keyboard" literally mean in French?

It literally means "planche à touches".

19 - What do the initials USB stand for?

They stand for "Universal Serial Bus".

20 - A sound card has a channel for connecting loud-speakers, what is it called in English?

It's called a "line-out".

21 - What is the "line-in port" for?

The "line-in port" is for connecting a hi-fi or turntable.

22 - USB 1.1 can transfer up to 12 megabits per second? What about USB 2.0?

USB can transfer data at up to 480 megabits pers second.

23 - "FireWire" goes under another two names. What are they?

They are iLink and 1394.

24 - What's the English for "un modem à haut débit"?

It's "broadband modem".

25 - The English word "socket" is used in to designate two ports. Name them.

Those two ports are the FireWire socket and the USB 2.0 or USB 1.1 socket.

26 - What word originated from the truncation of "camera recorder"?

That word is "camcorder".

27 - What is the correct thing to say: "to access to the Internet" or "to access the Internet" or "to access at the Internet"? /

It's "to access the Internet".

28 - Is the TV-out port for transferring data "from your PC to your TV" or "from your TV to your PC"?

It's for transferring data from your PC to your TV.