Extra shift planned to speed up S. Siberian power plant repair

© Reuters/ Ilya Naymushin - 29/08/2009

1 KHAKASIA, August 29 (RIA Novosti) - Work to repair the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric station in south Siberia, following a tragic accident on August 17 that left 71 people dead, is to be carried out in three shifts, the acting CEO of RusHydro said on Saturday.

2 "At the current time, work is being carried out in two shifts, but it is highly likely that we will move to a three-shift working system," Vasily Zubakin said, adding that the reasoning behind the move was an influx of workers and the fact that the current 12-hour shifts were "extremely hard."

3 The disaster occurred during repair work to one of the plant's 10 hydroelectric generators. A surge of water shattered three of the turbines and flooded much of the plant.

4 Zubakin said that RusHydro planned to sign an additional agreement with the main contractor on September 1 to try and speed up the construction of a water sluice to take the strain off the main station at the plant.

5 He said that the most difficult work involved restoring the supports and concrete casing, which were severely damaged in the accident.

6 Locals believe the accident was caused by plant management seeking to produce as much electricity as possible without paying enough attention to the condition of the equipment, a charge dismissed by power plant representatives.

7 The prime minister of the republic of Khakasia, Viktor Zimin, said he was personally supervising the investigation and "no one is hiding anything."

8 RusHydro has said the damage could take up to two years to repair, and Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko estimated the cost could run to at least 40 billion rubles ($1.2 billion).

© Reuters/ Ilya Naymushin




extra shift équipe supplémentaire
shift désigne 1/ une journée de travail (d'une équipe), 2/ une équipe (succédant à une autre dans le temps)
extra shift planned to speed up... comprendre extra shift is planned to speed up...
to plan
(tr) = prévoir, projeter
to speed up (vc) (tr) (sped2 ou speeded2) = accélérer
S. Siberian power plant repair empilement ! en 1 : repair; en 2 : S. Siberian power plant (avec en 2a : power plant, en 2b : S. Siberian)
S. Siberian est mis pour South Siberian
power plant = centrale électrique, centrale de production d'énergie

par. 1

Khakasia il s'agit de la Khakassie (république autonome de Russie située dans le sud de la Sibérie centrale)
Ria Novosti il s'agit d'une agence de presse russe
the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric station empilement ! en 1 : hydroelectric station (avec en 1a : station, en 1b : hydroelectric), en 2 : Sayano-Shushenskaya
hydroelectric station =
centrale hydroélectrique
following (prép.) à la suite de
on August 17 noter l'emploi de la préposition on (en français : le 17 août)
... is to be carried out le sujet est Work au tout début de la phrase
is to + infinitif présent ou passé marque la prévision (traduction par « doit »)
to carry out (vc) (tr) effectuer
in three shifts par trois équipes, selon le système des 3 x 8
the acting CEO le PDG temporaire
acting (a) = temporaire
CEO : initiales de chief executive officer

par. 2

at the current time à l'heure actuelle
current (fa) = actuel
it is highly likely that... il est fort probable que...
three-shift working system empilement ! en 1 : working system (avec en 1a : system, en 1b :  working), en 2 : three-shift
working system = organisation du travail
reasoning (nv) raisonnement
behind the move à l'origine de la mesure
behind (prép.) = derrière
move = initiative, mesure
influx (fa) afflux
the current 12-hour shifts empilement ! en 1 : 12-hour shifts (avec en 1a : shifts, en 1b : 12-hour), en 2 : current
shift a ici le sens de journée de travail
par. 3  
disaster (fa) catastrophe, sinistre
to occur (intr) se produire, survenir, arriver
the plant's 10 hydroelectric generators comprendre the 10 hydroelectric generators of the plant
(fa) = centrale (n)
surge of water vague
to shatter (tr) fracasser
to flood (tr) inonder
additional (fa) supplémentaire
agreement accord
the main contractor le maître d'œuvre
main (a) = principal
to try and speed up traduire comme s'il y avait to try to speed up
water sluice vanne
to take the strain off the main station soulager la pression sur (off est ici une préposition et non une postposition)
strain = pression

par. 4

to involve (tr) concerner
to restore (tr) restaurer (noter la différence d'orthographe)
support (fa) élément porteur
concrete casing enveloppe de béton
to damage (tr) endommager
severely (adv) gravement

par. 5

locals (n pl) les gens du cru
plant management la direction de l'usine, les dirigeants de l'usine
to seek (tr) chercher
to pay attention to faire attention à
condition (fa) état
charge (fa) accusation
to dismiss (tr) rejeter, écarter
power plant representative empilement ! en 1 : representative, en 2 : power plant
(n) = représentant

par. 6

the prime minister le premier ministre
to supervise (tr) superviser
investigation enquête
to hide (tr) (hid, hidden) cacher, dissimuler
par. 7  

the damage (sg)

les dégâts (pl)
to take up two years to repair nécessiter jusqu'à deux années pour être réparé
Energy Minister Sergei Shmatho noter l'absence d'article défini, comme pour un titre
to run (intr) (ran, run) (pour des coûts) monter jusqu'à
billion (angl. amér.) milliard

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