Russia to scrap all decommissioned nuclear submarines by 2012

Source: RIA Novosti - 14/11/2008

1 SEVERODVINSK, November 14 (RIA Novosti) - Russia will scrap all decommissioned nuclear-powered submarines by the beginning of 2012, a shipyard official said on Friday.

2 "All decommissioned Russian nuclear submarines will be disposed of in 2010, or no later than the start of 2012," said Vladimir Nikitin, general director of the Zvezdochka ship-repairing facility in Severodvinsk in northern Russia.

3 Nikitin said more than 200 out of 250 nuclear submarines built in the Soviet Union and later in Russia have so far been scrapped, many of them with financial support from other countries like Norway, Japan and the United Kingdom.

4 The official said the program to dismantle nuclear submarines from the Northern Fleet had almost been completed and the majority of vessels due to be scrapped are currently with the Pacific Fleet.

5 "At present, we must focus on the Pacific Fleet because the dismantling process is slower there," Nikitin said.

6 Zvezdochka is Russia's biggest shipyard for repairing and dismantling of nuclear-powered submarines. According to Nikitin, the shipyard has the capacity to dismantle up to four nuclear submarines per year.

7 During the dismantlement, spent nuclear fuel is removed from the submarine's reactors and sent to storage, the hull is cut into three sections, and the bow and stern sections are removed and destroyed. The reactor section is sealed and transferred to storage.

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to scrap (tr) envoyer à la ferraille
decommissioned (ppa) (pour un navire) désarmé; (pour une installation) mis(e) hors service
Russia to scrap... comprendre Russia (is) to scrap... (expression de la prévision, traduite par « doit »)
by 2012 d'ici 2012

par. 1

par. 1
RIA Novosti il s'agit d'une agence de presse (press agency) russe
nuclear-powered (ac) à propulsion nucléaire
by the beginning of 2012 d'ici le début de 2012
shipyard official responsable de chantier naval (an official est un faux-ami)

par. 2

par. 2
to be disposed of être réformé
no later than pas plus tard que
ship-repairing facility empilement ! en 1 : facility, en 2 : ship repairing (avec repairing en 2a et ship en 2b)
facility (faux-ami) = installation
repairing (nv) = réparation
northern Russia (la) Russie septentrionale

par. 3

par. 3
200 out of 250 200 sur 250
so far jusqu'ici
support aide, soutien (on évitera l'anglicisme « support »)
Norway On aura reconnu (la) Norvège

par. 4

par. 4
to dismantle (tr) démanteler, mettre à la casse
fleet flotte (de navires)
to complete (tr) (faux-ami) achever
vessel vesseau
due to be scrapped devant être envoyé à la ferraille
currently (adv) (faux-ami) actuellement

the Pacific Fleet

(la) Flotte du Pacifique

par. 5

par. 5
to focus (intr) on se concentrer sur
the dismantling process (à traduire tout simplement par) le démantèlement

par. 6

par. 6
Russias' biggest shipyard comprendre the biggest shipyard of Russia
according to selon, d'après
up to (four) jusqu'à (quatre)
per year par an

par. 7

par. 7
dismantlement démantèlement
spent nuclear fuel empilement ! en 1 : nuclear fuel (avec fuel en 1a et nuclear en 1b), en 2 : spent
spent (p. passé de to spend) usé
fuel (faux-ami) = combustible, carburant
to remove (tr) retirer, enlever
the submarine's reactors comprendre the reactors of the submarine
to send to storage envoyer sur le lieu de stockage
to send (tr) (sent, sent) = envoyer
storage = (le lieu) entrepôt, lieu de stockage; (l'opération) entreposage, stockage
hull coque (de navire)
the bow and stern sections énumération elliptique ! en 1 : sections, en 2 : bow, en 3 : and, en 4 : stern
bow = avant (d'un navire), proue
stern = arrière (d'un navire), poupe
to destroy (tr) détruire
to transfer to storage transporter sur un lieu de stockage

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